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Do not let fear paralyze your faith!

Bringing Christian voices together in a spiritual war against evil

Confronting the Devil is a new 30 minute, weekly podcast program hosted by Kevin Scott Collier devoted to defeating the devil in our everyday lives. The program features leading Christian figures involved in media, the entertainment industry and ministries worldwide providing insight and advice. Kevin is joined by his wife, Kristen Collier, who provides prayer and scripture reading in every episode. With the end times narrative so pervasive today in Christian media, many people are left afraid. We invite you to join our mission as fearless disciples. Do not allow the enemy to paralyze your faith.


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Welcoming Dr. Christian Overman, Worldview Matters founder

Christian Overman
We welcome Dr. Christian Overman to Episode 19 of Confronting the Devil. Dr. Overman is the founding director of Worldview Matters, an organization dedicated to invigorating the workplace and renewing the community by helping followers of Christ to recover from secularized thought, and to connect the biblical worldview with everyday life. An international speaker, Dr. Overman has taught on the topic of biblical worldview throughout the United States, Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia. He is also the author of several books. On our latest podcast, Dr. Overman discusses the enemy's trap of dualism and how there are many religions, but there is only one true God.

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Welcoming our Confronting the Devil podcast guests
Guests who have already appeared on the program feature a link at end of their bio to their CTD episode. HFH prefix means an appearance on Headlines from Hell.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett, of the Luther Academy, and author of the books and author and pastor of the church Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett, of the Luther Academy, and author of the books and author and pastor of the church. Visit his homepage. EP.1.

Archbishop Ron Feyl

Archbishop Ron Feyl, the presiding Bishop of the Sacred Order of St. Michael the Archangel and Chief Exorcist for the Order of Exorcists, leads a group of experienced clergy and investigators that address and combat demonic forces around the globeVisit his homepage. EP.1. EP.12.

Dr. Alveda King

Dr. Alveda King heads Alveda King Ministries, and is an author and former state representative for the Georgia House of Representatives. She is a niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., and a Fox News contributor. Visit her homepage. EP.5.

Pastor David Langford

Pastor David Langford, a renown scriptorian, is the host of the internationally broadcast Christian ministry radio program The Voice of Evangelism. He is also a frequent, sought after guest on many Christian network programs. Visit his homepage.

Pastor Orrick Quick

Pastor Orrick Quick, founder of God Seekers Church in North Carolina, counsels parents who have lost children and encourages individuals to pursue their dreams amid adversity. He also appears on the new Fox television program The PreachersVisit his homepage here. EP.16. HFH EP.4.

Rev. Dr. Alfonso Espinosa

Rev. Dr. Alfonso Espinosa, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Irvine, California, is a graduate of Concordia University and Theological Seminary who specializes in teaching Christian Apologetics, Theology, and is the author of many essays.  Visit his homepage. EP.5EP.8.

Pastor Michael Venyah

Pastor Michael Venyah is the founder of Soulwinners Ministries International, which travels the globe ministering the glory and salvation of Jesus Christ to 4 continents including 16 nations. He is also a street preacher.  Visit his homepage

Deacon Joshua Wiley

Deacon Joshua Wiley, SDA, is an evangelist who ministers at several churches in Montgomery County, Tennessee, and teaches at The Hour Has Come Ministries.  He has produced several videos on the demonic. Visit THHC Ministries here.

Minister Afshin Yaghtin

Minister Afshin Yaghtin is the leader of the New Covenant Baptist Church, a King James Bible centered church in Spokane, Washington. He has produced many videos addressing moral, political and social issues in America. Visit the CBC homepage.

Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke, an adjunct professor at King's University in Los Angeles, internationally known Christian speaker and writer, and owner of Cooke Pictures, Mr. Cooke ministers around the world with his wife Kathleen. Visit his homepage. EP.3.

Pastor Greg Locke
Greg Locke is the lead Pastor and founder of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. He's been an evangelist for 10 years covering 43 states, 15 foreign countries, and is a frequent guest on Fox News. Visit Global Vision Bible Church and subscribe to his You Tube channel.

William Federer

William Federer is the host of Christian television's program Faith in History program and the radio show American Minute. Mr. Federer is also the author with several American history, political and faith books. Visit his homepage. EP.6.

L. A. Marzulli

L. A. Marzulli is an author, lecturer and filmmaker who is a frequent guest on major biblical platforms. He received an honorary doctorate degree for his series The Nephilim Trilogy, which made the CBA best seller book list.  Visit his homepage.

Warren Cole Smith

Warren Cole Smith is the Vice President of the Colson Center, a former associate publisher of World Magazine, marketing professional and best selling author. His books include A Lover's Quarrel with the Evangelical ChurchVisit his homepage. EP.2.

Evangelist Robert Naddei

Robert Naddei, an evangelist and founder of Searchlight Ministries in Australia, preaches the power of Jesus Christ and inspires the downtrodden influenced by unclean spirits to seize eternal salvation in the kingdom of GodVisit his YouTube Channel. EP.10EP.13.

Kim Hilton

Kim Hilton is a Christian radio program host, has a master's degree in Christian counseling and operates the online ministry resource She is the author of several books including Closet Words and Dripping in GraceVisit her homepage. EP.4.

Brian Godawa

Brian Godawa has been a author, screenwriter and filmmaker for over 15 years. His first feature film was To End All Wars. His books include Hollywood World Views: Watching Films with Wisdom and DiscernmentVisit his homepage. EP.9.

James Duke

James Duke is a pastor, filmmaker, educator and the founder and director of Act One, a community of Christian professionals for the entertainment industry. He is also a published author his articles have appeared in several magazines. Visit his homepage. EP.11.

Pastor Lorraine Coconato
Pastor Lorraine Coconato is the presiding minister of Leaves of Healing Tabernacle in Chatsworth, California. She is an Oral Roberts University graduate with a Master's of Divinity degree. She is also the mother of Pastor Todd Coconato. Visit Leaves of Healing TabernacleHFH EP.2.

Pastor Todd Coconato

Pastor Todd Coconato is the host of the top rated syndicated Christian entertainment radio program Hollywood Alive. Pastor Coconato is a public speaker at Leaves of Healing Tabernacle, and also is a practicing licensed counselor.  Visit his homepage. EP.7. EP.8.

Josh Peck

Josh Peck is the founder and editor of The Sharpening Point, frequent guest on SkyWatch TV, and host of the weekly Christian physics program, Into the Multiverse. He is the author of many books, including Quantum Creation and Cheribum ChariotsVisit his homepage. EP.13.

Peter Slayton

Peter Slayton is the Social Media Manager for the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, where he oversees the strategic direction for the official LCMS social media channels. Slayton also produces videos in partnership with Worldview EverlastingVisit WE homepage. HFH EP.1. EP.15.

Dr. Roger Barrier

Dr. Roger Barrier, the founder of Preach It, Teach It, is a well known author and sought-after conference speaker. He has taught thousands of pastors, missionaries and Christian leaders in 32 countries worldwide. Visit his homepage. EP.14.

Jeff Cooke

Christian warrior and citizen ministry operative. Mr. Cooke has written on spiritual warfare, and has been a published freelance writer for periodicals, and illustrator in a variety of media formats, including comic books and comic strips. EP.1. EP.3.


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